Men's Stretch Jasper Gemstone Bracelet

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Variations of the Jasper gemstone are paired with black glass from Ghana and vintage silver ceramic disc beads. It is made with elastic cord and expands to fit over your hand and snap back.


The bracelet is made to rest comfortably on your wrist. It will fit an average size wrist measuring 7.5 inches. Please contact me if your wrist size is larger or smaller so that it can be custom fitted.  Click HERE

To determine the correct size of the bracelet measure the wrist, at the smallest part of the wrist, between the hand and the wrist bone. To measure your wrist you can use a flexible measuring tape. If you do not have one use a string, or a strip of paper and a ruler. Wrap the string (paper) around your wrist, as described above and then measure it against the ruler.

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