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The Different Types of Gold

Solid Gold Wire:

Solid Gold Wire is exactly that. It is solid gold and very expensive.


Gold-filled is more valuable than gold-plated. A piece of jewelry that is gold-filled is not solid gold, but it has a thick layer of real gold bonded to another metal. Since the piece is covered with real gold, it is virtually impossible to tell the difference between a solid gold piece of jewelry and a gold-filled piece of jewelry.

Gold Plated:

A gold plated piece has a thin layer of gold on the outside that is bonded to another metal. It will tarnish if not treated.

Gold Colored Wire:

Gold colored wire is copper wire that is plated with fine silver, colored gold, and then coated with a clear enamel. It is the easiest and least expensive way to get gold color in your work. While it is perfectly acceptable for fashion bracelets I do not recommend it for rings or other high wear items.