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Welcome to my website! I am so excited about my business because even though I've always had a passion for the creative I couldn't find the right outlet to express myself.

Then the most miraculous thing happened!

One day a dear friend of mine handed me a huge jar of beautiful, fabulously sparkly beads. She had a jewelry business that was winding down. The previous night, in a divine prophecy of sorts, she was told that I would like and make good use of the beads.

​  ​Just like that I knew what I really wanted to do. MAKE JEWELRY!! My passion was finally unveiled!

I studied the craft, created my brand and now I spend countless hours designing and creating in my studio. Inspired by exotic, captivating possibilities in jewelry design, my creative outlet was foretold in a prophetic message and a large jar of shiny beads! ​

So, if you are looking for a colorful statement to finish off an outfit or if you're inspired to find a unique piece to build a wardrobe around, you are on the right site! 

Enjoy navigating! And while you’re at it, don’t forget to subscribe to receive email that will surprise and delight you with announcements of new arrivals, exclusive savings and jewelry that is made with you in mind!