Men's Water Buffalo Tooth Tribal Necklace on Adjustable Cord

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This tribal Shaka Zulu necklace is strung with an adjustable length cord. The necklace goes over your head.

Tribal 'claw' necklaces, a.k.a. Shaka Zulu neck pieces, often feature beads with 'teeth' or 'claws'. The teeth on this short, choker are recycled from water buffalo. 

Shaka Zulu necklaces originated with the Zulu tribe who would string animal claws or teeth. The adornment was reserved for royalty.  


  • Genuine water buffalo teeth / Hand polished and drilled in Nepal by skilled artisans / The longest tooth is about 2.25" inches long
  • Oblong barrel cow bone / Batik dye design
  • Bronze hexagons
  • Brown wood barrels

Cord: Leather

Closure: Adjustable sliding pull

Fit: The sliding adjustable cord will let you wear the necklace snugly around the neck at its shortest and let you adjust it to mid-chest at its longest.

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